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About Us

We are a system integrator company fully capable to design, select, integrate, install and/ or deploy equipment in Indonesia. We provide a high quality total system solution for our customers including professional engineering and maintenance services. 

We employ highly dedicated result oriented team members. In Sibakom capacity building, is an integral part of our human resources management. Together with our solution partners, we ensure our team members are current in their respective fields both in their skills and product know-how. 

We continue our relentless aim to improve the quality of our services through better management of our human resources. 


We are driven by the desire to provide valuable service and solution to our customers; to become their strategic partner in achieving their objectives developing projects in weather observations system and/or infrastructure support system. We are committed to build a long term and mutually beneficial working relationships. We understand our customers have to adapt to technology changes and shifted priorities, we are here to provide solutions. 

Weather Radar

We are a provider of weather radar systems in different frequency ranges or wavelength ‘bands’.
S-Band, C-Band and X-Band. Compatibility for single or dual-pol configurations.

Maritime Weather Solutions

We provide economical, modular, long endurance maritime meteorology remote sensing systems and maritime environmental monitoring systems       


Networks & Infrastructure

We provide installation of fiberoptic cables, networking, data center infrastructure (fire protection and cooling systems) and main distribution frames/ cabinets.                                                    

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Some of the work we have completed recently


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Main Office:
Jl. Brigjen Katamso Belakang No. 46 - 48 Medan 20151
Tel: +6261 4515386

Branch Office:
Grand Puri Niaga Blok K6/3D
Jl. Puri Kencana, Kembangan
Jakarta 11610 | Tel: +6221 58351660

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