Sibacipta Telekomindo (SIBAKOM), PT

full service system integrator for electrical and telecommunication products and related services

Our Beginnings

SIBAKOM was incorporated in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia in 1982 for the purpose of providing the local market with electrical and telecommunication equipment.

We have evolved from a four person operation to thirty seven full time and part time employees by the end of 2014. We employ result minded and highly motivated individuals.

SIBAKOM is driven to provide valuable service to our customers and be part of their solution to achieve objectives.

Transition to Full Service

As a System Integrator company, SIBAKOM is fully capable to design, select, and integrate all equipment in one total system solution.

We can deliver, install, and commissioned Weather Surveillance System. SIBAKOM also provides supporting solutions such as electrical grounding systems, data communication/networking, data dissemination, voice and video communication.

Long-term Commitment

In line with the Indonesian government emphasis on the development of much needed infrastructure facilities in the next five to ten years, and as part of our long term objective, SIBAKOM is currently positioning to actively participate in this endeavour.

Our desire is to become a strategic partner and a long term solution provider for our customers by providing professional engineering services and high quality products.

Our strategic partners and us also provides factory maintenance and training programs to our customer as part of our long term services.

What We Do

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Provisioning & Installation




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  • Weather Radar Systems

    Critical Weather Intelligence

    Our weather radar systems available in different frequency ranges or wavelength 'bands'. These are:

    S-Band [Magnetron | Klystron],

    C-Band [Magnetron | Klystron],

    and X-Band [Magnetron], X-Band Mobile.

    Compatibility for single or dual-pol configurations.

  • Satellite Based Solutions for Oceanography and Marine Meteorolgy

    Actionable MetOcean Solutions

    Our services include measuring, observing, forecasting met ocean behavior at the surface and in depth. Our work is based on satellite based solutions, integrated systems in ocean platforms, instrument network, advance data storage and processing capabilities.

  • Communication Infrastucture and Data Management

    Supporting Communication System and Electrical infrastructures

    We do provisions and installation of power sources, electrical cables, antennas, vhf/uhf repeaters, VSAT system, grounding systems. BTS improvements to improve tower quality, network quality, and improve equipment overall performance. Installation of fiberoptic cables, networking equipment, data storage/server, testing and calibration equipment, main distribution frames and cabinets.

Our Strategic Partners

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Critical Weather Intelligence


Weather Radar and Data Processing


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